og x oliver goldsmith

og x oliver goldsmith top image 20170210

in 1926 philip oliver goldsmith established the oliver goldsmith eyewear brand. 2026 sees the company celebrate its 100th anniversary.

the retro designs from the 1930’s to the 1980’s were relaunched in 2003 and have been a great success. 2014 sees the launch of a new line, og x oliver goldsmith. a step towards the future and working towards the 100 year anniversary.

og x oliver goldsmith has challenged the tradition of oliver goldsmith. most people think of oliver goldsmith as acetate frames, but almost designs in the new collection is in titanium.。

In terms of design, the new line has created modern shapes based on the aesthetic thinking that oliver goldsmith has been developing. the end product will appeal to the customer with a combination of functionality and design.

the new collection will continue to be of the highest quality, and all made in japan.