haffmans & neumeister

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haffmans & neumeister is the continuation of twenty years of innovation and reserch into eyewear.

an authentic and independent company with legacy of respect for traditional handcraft and an open-minded curiosity for the high-tech, haffmans & neumeister seek to push not only the possibilities within the material they work with, but within the eyewear industry itself.

to maintain the greatest control over quality, processes, and delivery, frames are built at the haffmans & neumeister manufacture, a historic factory building located in ther home city berlin.

the design follows a process that hones in on the absolute essential, stripping away artifice in favour of honouring the sincerity of the raw material. This extends into the conceptualisation of the collections, which are based on historical research of eyewear development.

with a nod to curatorial organisation, the debut collection acts as an abridged tour through the centuries of eyewear history and technical evolution.