barton perreira


barton perreira was established by bill barton and patty perreira in 2007 and they presented the brand’s first collection in usa. same year, devastating feeling of high-class and refined design fascinated many celebrities right away, and famous department stores like bergdorf goodman, fred segal and nieman marcus soon started dealing the brand, so they become one of top brand in the industry in exceptional short period.

one of founder, bill barton – ex-president of oliver peoples – he has been initiating numbers of eyewear trends and definitely one of major player in the industry, and also widely known as the great “eyewear person” who can manage from production to branding. the designer of the brand, patty perreira, used to work at oliver peoples for 17 years. the first collection of prada sunglasses were designed by patty and bill calls her “real genius”.

it is japan, world renowned and we ,japanese, are proud of, that those two people with full of expertise and experience selected in pursuit of supreme high-quality eyeglasses. all, from frames to lens including other parts, are japan-made parts. the brand is particular about colors of sunglasses, and so, including polarized lens and custom order color, the brand is lined up with over 60 colors.

men’s products with frame designs based on authentic fundamentals are made suitable for use in various scenes of life. while, thanks to patty who also designs jewelry, women’s products are designed as result of her pursuit of supreme beauty. especially, the striking beauty of sunglasses are outstanding, and so many celebrities such as brad pitt and angelina jolly, love to wear barton perreira. the brand is lined up with wide range of products from basic models those keep people’s ever-lasting interest up to gorgeous decorative models, and this variety in the collection can tell their experience in the industry.