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phillipp and harald, these two are co-designers of the brand. as many of you might know, these two designers used be designers at ic! berlin from its start-up. However, as time passed, there had been more discrepancies in directions and concepts of these two people and others at ic! berlin. so, they have spun off and started mykita in 2003. since they could not compromise, this break-up was unavoidable, but it can be considered as positive move rather than negative one. mykita– born as result of struggling and groping over and over – has become the brand with totally different characteristics from ic! berlin definitely.

mykita means ”my kindertagesstaette” – my kindergarten in german. the reason for this naming is said that their factory was built at the place where a kindergarten uses to be. then name matches to them who is growing by keeping flexible ideas all the time.

metal frame of mykita uses 0.5mm thick stainless-steel and uses no screw at all. front and temples are joined with spiral hinges, and because this structure, the frame can be adjusted precisely. talking about mykita glasses, these are very comfortable with great strength, and it is particularly notable that these are made and designed in excellent taste. by its simple look frames, but with beautiful lens shape and variations of colorings, you can see and feel full of mykita-ism to your heart’s content.

mykita is highly recognized in various countries and awarded number of awards. for example, in 2011, they have won “deutch design award” which is official and most honorable award in german design industry. in the same year, they have won other awards like “if material award”, “red dot dward” and a japanese design award for excellent design, “good design award”, too.