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barton perreira presents allied metal works, a new eyewear collection that marries luxury eyewear design with technology.

it all began four years ago when technical design advisor gunnar gunnarsson introduced his concept of a screwless eyewear frame with a durable stainless steel spring hinge to barton perreira ceo bill barton.

with a shared passion and vision for innovative technology, the two eyewear industry veterans set out to create a cutting-edge eyewear collection targeted to an audience who appreciates fashion along with technical design.

together under the creative direction of barton perreira designer patty perreira, allied metal works was born as a collection that masterfully fuses style with efficiency, resulting in eyewear embodying the ultimate combination of technical innovation and luxury.

barton says…
" we didn’t want to just put ' another brand ' into the market. It has been a process and dedication to crafting a brand that evolves around new technologies: technical luxury, "
" our goal is to create something that is fresh, simple and innovative—something that will get our retailers and consumers excited. "